Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fun Just Keeps on A Coming

Lots of pics and then the blog!!!

So, Saturday morning we left Lusaka and everyone branched out to their district provincials as the final goodbye of being Trainees came to a close. Everyon's schedule of being posted is different depending on where you were placed, what was open on Sunday around you, and if you were paid by Washington or not. Some people are being placed today and other on Friday. I am going to be placed on Thursday! The 2010 class of volunteers at my provincial house are John Mann, Siobhan Goodwell, Jack Hawley, Hunter Shaffer, Michelle Christensen, John Quiery, Romana Fetherolf, Audra Blanchfield, Kimberly Tomczak, Nicholas Besley and Joseph Harvell.
Upon arrival to the provincial house, we were greeted by fellow volunteers Renee, Sprinks, Tim, Sydney, and our PCVL Liz (she is awesome). Renee, Sprinks and Tim cooked up an amazing Mexican meal for us. We had Shawarmas, rice, beans, veggies, beef on a stick and tortilla's! Not only was it for us newbie's coming in but also for Sprinks because it was her birthday! The night was pretty chill after that. Everyone sat in the living-room and watched a movie together. I have no idea what the movie was about because I missed the beginning (trying to upload pictures) but it was pretty good from what I saw. I went to sleep at around 10pm in a hammock outside on the porch at the provincial house, then I woke up at 1am to listen to the Gators kick butt on the University of Kentucky! GO GATORS!!!
Sunday, we didn't have anything to do because everything is closed on SUndays in Solwezi, Zambia. Once everyone woke up and breakfast was finished, we all kind of hung outside and played a few games while talking and figuring out what was going to be happening Monday-postings. The games we played were a blast and I also got to work on my tan haha! I am turning white again in Africa... I honestly didn't think that would be possible. After dinner all of us went to a bar and had a little fun dancing and playing pool. The DJ's love Peace Corps Volunteers seeing that he mentioned we were in the club about 30 times in the first hour. Around 11pm half of the volunteers went home and the other half went to a bar called Titanic III. Around 1am everyone was back at the house and sleeping before the big day of shopping begins Monday!
(two days later, now it's Tuesday)
Well, I was moved up in my posting from Thursday to Wednesday! So i will be posting in a few hours! I am so excited to begin this adventure. I am also happy about a few people in my province. there are a people that will make this two years go really well!
SHOPPING: So Monday we went to Shop-Rite (grocery store) and I spent 1.7 million Kwacha ($370). After Shop-Rite, we went to a wholesaler and the hardware stor in which I spent another 800,000 Kwacha. So all together in the day I spent $500 US. Then came Tuesday where I spent another 1.5 million Kwacha! haha. Now I am broke. But I will have a very comfortable house and lots of food for the next six weeks! Today I had to buy a bed, some buckets for clothes and food (to keep rats out), and I got a couple awesome bike shirts from DAPP (Goodwill, Salvation Army), they even have the three pockets on the back!
Great American Celebration: As passed down from previous generations, the new trainees are welcomed in an American Independence Day fashion. We cooked burgers, chicken, salad, and a few other great American meals. After all that was done we went to the lower house and played a beer pong tournament! Renee and I won with little competition. (Two previous frat boys who thought they knew what they were doing). But Renee and I had plenty of cushion all night while holding down the tournament. We won both the winners bracket and the final Championship Game by three cups, in a 10 cup double elimination tournament. We then ended the night in Fourth of July fashion with some good 'ole fireworks!!!!!
Well, I just want to give yall a heads up, I will not post on my blog for SIX (6) weeks so it will be a while before I can tell yall how I am doing. In six weeks we have to come back to the provincial house for our quarterly meeting so I will update the blog then! I am going to miss all of you, but at the same time all the letters I have reveived will keep me company!
I love yall and God Bless you all
Love, Kenny Ray

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  1. haha beer pong, good job!
    Pictures came out awesome Kenny! The one on the old car is sweet.
    p.s. I like the stache, you look official.