Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shalanuhu Chongwe

ALRIGHTY!!! We (trainees) have all just said goodbye to our host-families in Chongwe and are now getting ready for the big move to all Provence's. It was very sad saying bye to the family though. But, we did leave in the great American fashion. It honestly felt like a Superbowl party. There were four trainees in charge of deciding what food was going to be served and who would be doing all the cooking. Those four were myself, James, Brooks, and John Q.

Our menu:

Main course: Pizza, beer brats, hotdogs, chicken, thin steak, tostatas, and bean burritos!

Sides: Dirty mashed potato's, Salad, coleslaw, Mac-n-cheese, apples and Bananas

Desserts: Fried Oreo's, Honey yogurt, fried bacon pieces, Rice Crispy Treats and Fruit salad

The food turned out AWESOME! It was sooo good. The prize winner was definitely the pizza though. Gotta give props to Jocelyn (a 3rd year ext. Volunteer) for making the doe and sauce! All together though, it was all amazing. We started cooking, cutting, slicing and dicing at 8am and served food for 300 at 2pm. I couldn't believe everything was actually finished by then. While all of the cooking was going on, I made a few corndogs as well but those were only eaten by those laboring over the hot grills. While everyone was doing all of this food prep, I was sneaking away to take pics of all the great moments. I even have some people crying (onion cutters), others were drinking wine (salad handlers), and those drinking beers (the grill kings). I seriously wish the internet was faster so I could post pics. But, it isn't.
After all the food was eaten we were given a dance from this group in the Eastern Region. It was hilarious and fabulous at the same time. We all had so much fun. In the end, the host-families all gave trainees going away gifts in which made some trainees cry. Yup, I have pics of that too haha.
We are now at ISTT (Lusaka training center) where we will do our swearing-in tomorrow morning. After that we leave for our provences. I am so excited to finally become a volunteer!

To Sally's mom, I told Sally I was going to write about her after she told me you were reading my blog! haha. But welcome!!!

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  1. Hi. My name is Nate Bloss, and im a pcv in Namibia. Im about to finish my two years; myself and 3 friends are planning on doing some traveling. We were wondering if you could help us answer a few questions about Zambia. Right now we plan to go up through the caprivi strip and spend a few days in livingstone around december 14th. After this we need to make our way to lake malawi by december 23rd. I have 4 questions:

    What can we do in Zambia, particularily in the south?

    Are there any nice cheap places to stay on the route from livingstone to malawi?

    We may end up just sticking around livingstone for a while and going to malawi at the last minute. How long will it take to get from livingstone to the malawi border if we want to do it as fast as possible?

    Can we free hike in Zambia?